Our Vision

THC Inc.'s corporate foundation is based on its vision of bringing legitimacy and transparency to the cannabis industry before the end of the decade.

Legitimacy Includes:

  • Creation of Safe and Affordable Access to Industry Startups

  • Development of Jobs

  • Institution of Industry Standards

  • Access to Cannabis by all human civilization on Earth and Mars.

Transparency Includes:

  • Establish Compliance Suite Software as the purveyor of cannabis information with robust user friendly access to that information

    • Inventory tracking

    • Automated AI Compliance Filing

    • Automated AI Tax filing

  • Removal of Federal Certificates for use in the Cannabis Industry, replacing Federal Certificates with Smart Technology for safe business access.


Our Mission

  • To organize the cannabis industry information and make it accessible and useful.
  • To  provide a cashless platform in which to create an infrastructure of transparency and safety.  
  • To maintain a reliable cloud platform merging the technical world with the new cannabis industry.
  • To provide the best customer service attainable on earth.
  • Provide “Work at Home,” environments to reduce waste created from travel to work.
  • Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers and customer experiences at all times.
  • To provide the most current technology to the industry that will enhance and organize our customers business.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and planet.



Visionary Mission Statement

To seek out the best technology to increase the ease of our subscribers businesses.  To provide robust and unparalleled customer UI/UX  experience, interface, and service for both government agencies and our subscribers. To build the corporation around the belief that we must all help each other. From open source code to homeless shelters, it's about sharing,  providing the best partner relationships, compliant and satisfied subscribers and satisfied government interfacing, all working in coordination to provide a positive outcome for our communities. Providing the bridge between state governmental agencies for contact and networking among multi-state agencies for continuity in regulations among those states.