Anakka Hartwell

The Founder and CEO of CannaCloud Technologies Software she has been advocating for cannabis throughout the Pacific Coast for the last 2 decades.  As Cannabis Ambassador for Serenity Senior and Veterans Center in California, and creator/founder of CannaGlow Intimacy Oils and Cosmetics for seniors,  she is well known for her cannabis advocacy and hospice work throughout the pacific coast. 

  After receiving her grower and producing license in Washington, she became aware of the gap in the industry for monetary flow control.  Initially she and several business associates attempted to open the Cannabis and Hemp Credit Union.  Although Washington was cooperative in this endeavor, Federal Regulation created a barrier to a successful community credit union.  Anakka quickly realized that another avenue had to be created and thus was born CannaCloud Technologies Software, bringing the cannabis industry evolution out of the 20th century and into the 21st century cloud, removing cash from the Cannabis Industry and minimizing Federal Oversight.  With Anakka at the helm, CannaCloud Technologies is a socially responsive corporation donating extensively to the community needs.


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Alexis Quinones

ALEXIS QUINONES Principle Attorney and Founder of Dynamic Legal Group (California and Washington) PLLC specializing in Cannabis and Brewery Law, and in that capacity advises Canna Cloud Technologies and in this capacity she advises the company on state and federal marijuana laws, federal anti-money laundering statutes and general legal needs.  specifically focusing on recreational marijuana businesses. 

Previously she developed and oversaw an in-house legal department for the tech start-up ‘Tune’ based upon the company’s high risk areas and general growth plans.  She was recently admitted to the practice of law in Washington, but prior to that practiced in California where she worked in-house at MTV Networks as a member of the legal team responsible for the hit reality shows, “Teen Mom” and “16&Pregnant”.  She enjoys her current focus in the legal marijuana industry because of its many novel facets and dynamic rule-making.

Melanie Wylie

MELANIE WYLIE, PhD is our Chief Compliance Officer. Melanie has had a diverse career, working in academia, the private sector and the public sector. She brings to the team experience developing and working on contracts, government interaction and compliance.  As the Compliance Officer she oversees the integration of rules to ensure that all licensees are aware of and remain in compliance with license requirements.  With her PhD in ecology she provides input to our communities and to the cannabis industry.

Jiri Vetyska

JIRI VETYSKA is our Chief Technology Officer. He brings nearly 20 years experience in building online platforms. He focuses on making the User Interface intuitive, user-friendly and an effective for maximizing sales or conversions. His strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills allow him to quickly resolve complex challenges and turn challenges into opportunities.