THC Inc. saw a need in the I-502 industry infrastructure and government compliance platform providing for a closed loop monetary system for the I-502 industry to utilize.  In other words, there is no system at present.  THC Inc.’s design and development of the revolutionary Compliance Suite Software provides a solution to this need.

What is the Compliance Suite

THC Inc.'s Compliance Suite is the combination of the cloud computing system and a cashless closed loop system utilizing our revolutionary THCcloud and Cannabis Transaction Card (CTCard).  Together, these two products create the cloud computing software that is the platform of the Compliance Suite.

The Compliance Suite is a solution for governments and licensed PPR's looking to utilize a system for the tracking, compliance, and understanding of the cannabis industry. We offer transparancy through our closed-loop monetary system, we offer tracking through our THCcloud computing system, and we offer legitimacy and understanding through our community efforts and outreach.


With a multitude of concerns surrounding the monetary flow of the recreational cannabis industry, THC Inc. sought to create a system that is grounded in transparency. With total transparency, there is no question as to the origination or ending point of marijuana money. This transparency helps all licensed Producers, Processors, and Retailer's with the state required compliance while at the same time providing legitimacy to our industry. We are a group of professional business owners, transparency supports this.

  • Remote Deposit Capture capabilities for Producers, Processors and Retailers (PPRs)
  • Automatic prompting for  filing of compliance forms to the LCB ,DOR, DOJ, HLS , IRS
  • Capability for daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual reports per PPR
  • Automated RFDI inventory control equal to that of Bosch, Volvo and the Federal Reserve
  • Settlement and Reconciliation of transactions including the prepaid card

Liquor Control Board access

Transparency Includes:

  • Establish Compliance Suite Software as the purveyor of cannabis information with robust user friendly access to that information

    • Inventory tracking

    • Compliance Filing

    • Tax filing

  • Removal of Federal Certificates for use in the Cannabis Industry, replacing Federal Certificates with Smart Technology for safe business access.



Subscription billing and account info to account holders.



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Part of our commitment to the cannabis community is providing resources that are cutting edge AND affordable.  Our industry is new and many business owners are start-ups and run by small business owners.  To make our software more accessabile and to ease the burden of start up costs, we offer our Compliance Suite at a subscription fee instead of one large upfront sum.  We have found that a small, manageable monthly subrscription fee allows small businesses to reap the benefits of sophisticated software without the stress of a large lump sum to purchase.


Every new industry faces the challenges of becoming legitimate in the public eye.  Our industry has more of a challenge due to the classification of marijuana of a class one drug and due to its past in the United States as an illegal substance.  A short look through world history sheds a different light on cannabis as a healing crop, one used to treat ailments, a source of food, and a source of hemp fiber for materials, energy and clothing.  The cannabis of the past was seen as a valued crop with many benefits.  Those who worked in the business of cannabis were business people, doctors, and farmers.  It is our goal to bring acceptance and legitimacy once again to this plant and all of its industry.

THC Inc. beleives that the key to legitimacy is transparency, technology and public acceptance.  We believe that our software, the Compliance Suite which utilizes our private and secure THCcloud is what the industry needs to provide transparency through technology.  Secondly, our CTCard creates a closed-loop monetary system for the marijuana money and transactions.  This closed-loop system allows for all cannabis transactions to be verifiably traced and all funds can be proven to be sourced through legal and legitmate sales activity.  Is it the combination of all of our products which will create acceptance in the public eye by showing that this industry is responsible, is not being abused, and is just like every other business. 

Legitimacy Includes:

  • Creation of Safe Access to Industry Startups
  • Development of Jobs
  • Institution of Industry Standards
  • Access to Cannabis by all human civilization on Earth and Mars.*

*SpaceX Vision Statement   To enable the space flight capabilities necessary to make human life multi-planetary - or more specifically enable a self sustaining human civilization on Mars.