Senior Back-End Developer

CannaCloud Technologies is currently in need of a Senior Back-End Web Developer!  We're looking for someone who has 4 - 6+ years of experience creating back-end logic on commercial level webpages.  This position will include helping us create RESTful calls for our site, chat integration and a working e-commerce platform.

Must-Have Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and experience in HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • Knowledge in JavaScript, AngularJS and MongoDB
  • Familiarity in Version Control
  • Team player comfortable in supervising our team of other developers

Great-to-Have Qualifications:

  • SCRUM training
  • Previous supervisor/manager/project lead experience
  • Experience in chat and web-board platforms
  • Experience with test-driven-development
  • Experience in e-commerce
  • Knowledge in server and hosting integration


If this sounds like you!  Please click here to apply!